Caring always
The Regents hospital

Regent Hospital

Regent Hospital has emerged first ever in the healthcare arena with its noble approach of ‘Caring always’. An innovative creation, a viable inception, ultimately a dream of mine comes true which follows my mother’s death out of sickness. In view of the hard fact that the healthcare networks of the Government have limited ability as opposed to healthcare needs of its giant 160 million populations, Regent Hospital takes up a new challenge indeed. Due to an exponential increase in environmental pollution and occupational health hazards from rapid urbanization and industrialization, re-emergence of Zika virus in 2015 as a Global Health Emergency, as the disease patterns change both in magnitude and attitude, the healthcare delivery system is by then grown as a two-color spectrum in the private sector. One color indicates the world class or state-of-the art healthcare delivery system which is available in a limited number of super specialty tertiary care hospitals, is reachable only to the affluent class of the society, whereas, which is far beyond reaching to the poor class of the society, as the other color indicates. Regent hospital, in such a mismatched healthcare system, comes forward with its modest resources of healthcare professionals composed of specialist consultants, non-specialist physicians, nurses, paramedics and modern biomedical technology in modulating the health services delivery system and in promoting the national to community level continuity of healthcare services.


Which strikes my sense most in terms of national health statistics is hospital bed to population, doctor to population, nurses to bed ratios, and of course, in achieving the targets of Millennium Development Goal (MDG), mainly in reducing child mortality rate (MDG-4) and in improving maternal health to reduce maternal mortality rate (MDG-5). Regent Hospital, being greatly concerned overviews both the national and international health parameters, indicators, bench marks, accreditation standards for hospital, in its challenging effort to join the healthcare services.

History Evolves

Regent Hospital launched its mission as a healthcare provider with authorization of 50 beds on 08 December 2013. This hospital made a small history in providing health services to the population living in the far western part of Uttara area of Dhaka Metropolitan City in consideration of time-taking traffic distance with centrally located hospitals of the Capital Dhaka. More so, during the recent years the population trend in Uttara goes manifolds and the healthcare needs rise paralleled. Uttara holds a gateway position for critically ill and injured (RTA) patients transferred from nearby Districts/Upazilas of Gazipur, Tongi, Savar, Tangail, Mymensingh to the central Dhaka. So, Regent Hospital is the worth outcome of the founder Chairman’s in- depth concept to operate as a specialized referral hospital mainly for the poor community people of the outside regions of Dhaka.