Message From Our Honorable Chairman

MD. Shahed
Chairman of Regent Hospital Ltd.

The Regents Hospital

Regent Hospital, which is my own creation, is in the process of laying milestone every single day from inception. It is a piece of history as the beginning was far too staggering and challenging. But my determination and commitments together made me move forward very humbly though. In a country like Bangladesh, where hurdles are too many to account for, ideas and creativity in most cases don’t see the light. Entrepreneur's dreams hence die in their fetus or in their embryonic stages. To the contrary, supports are too narrow and at times appear to be painful. Bureaucracy here is the stumbling blocks towards creativity. To thrive in this atmosphere, determination and commitments are the only companions.

In my days earlier, I was far too optimistic that someday, in the days ahead, the darkness that I was wading through, would dissipate and the silver lining would start to appear. That is what the reality is now. Up to now, Regent Hospital has treated as many as patients and at least one fifth were treated free of charges for being utterly poor and for being unable to pay. I, along with my young doctors and nursing staffs, work indeed hard to provide radically updated healthcare to varied patients. I have achieved success no doubt, but my search for success is yet to end. We all thrive upon to reach the goal which is still far away from where we are.